Jun. 15th, 2009


Jun. 15th, 2009 10:03 pm
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ok so I have hinted about GoPets before

but this is another part of it, GoDance!
it's like DDR for your fingers! XD

ok, your pet (which i believe you can also make one inside it) will dance after you press the right keys or words (alphapet)

everyday there are new quests for you to do called "gigs" some are finished each level, and some are dailies

to dance easilier you can put clothes on your pet that will increase its stats, called "PEK" in the game (short for - power - energy - karma -)

you can dance together with other players (co-op) or compete with them (versus)
there are also the "shadow players" :D

cut for pictures )

if you also play gopets, you can also get items for your pets, both clothes (you can also buy clothes in the GoDance store) and limited edition items like chicken and cow with a tattoo :o

the game is free, but to fully enjoy it there is "premium" which grants all access and such. but the beauty is that you can "try before you buy" so to speak and you can continue using it without paying
though if you become a premium member you get all items and gold shell and lots of extra bonuses and dodgieridoo

you can also use my referral link to signup: http://www.gopetslive.com/inviter?ZaphodBeeblebrox

anyway, i tried to not make this sound to much like a sales advert, lol

the final link: http://godance.gopets.com/


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