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people are dildos - music is awesome

this was, and still is, true.

I know that none of you will ever understand, and most you don't bother, it's is ok, I am not angry at you, and I honestly don't want to fight, ok maybe, maybe I wanted to start a little argument, maybe I am upset at a lot of shit that happens to me that I can't control so I try to go into the eBar and start an eFight with the eRegulars like a regular eJackoff

the only problems is that I forgot two golden rules.

a) I am no longer a regular

b) I am not like everybody else
the rules don't apply to me, they are always, much, much stricter, other people can come off with much larger doses of crap-on-a-stick and be forgiven, ignored or even hell, have others stick up for them because of camaraderie, even when they are full of crap.

that will never happen to me, I am no-ones comrade or "pal" at best I am an estranged friend or acquaintance. it's ok, OK! I do not harbour any hard feelings or ill will to anyone, but honestly if you don't care, why should I?

before anyone starts getting scared or some bullshit this is not a fucking suicide note, just simply a "goodbye"

my misspellings are hilarious, they truly are, I mean it is clearly my own fault for having a holey education for reasons that are my childhood and issues, my problems and limitations, and now a desperate battle to rectify this in my solitude, in my ineptitude. and making fun of me when I am clearly upset is very mature, it is I who should be an adult and not have an emotional outbreak. because I should take all the shit and not try to interpret anything or think I am anyone's friend. I am not anyone's friend. I don't have a friend. A *real* friend, I never, really have, and that's ok

but please. stop ridiculing me because you feel a little bit guilty for it. thank you.

I'm sorry, I know this is hilarious to you and I know I'm pathetic, but please don't make a bigger deal of this than it is. thank you.


Jun. 15th, 2009 10:03 pm
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ok so I have hinted about GoPets before

but this is another part of it, GoDance!
it's like DDR for your fingers! XD

ok, your pet (which i believe you can also make one inside it) will dance after you press the right keys or words (alphapet)

everyday there are new quests for you to do called "gigs" some are finished each level, and some are dailies

to dance easilier you can put clothes on your pet that will increase its stats, called "PEK" in the game (short for - power - energy - karma -)

you can dance together with other players (co-op) or compete with them (versus)
there are also the "shadow players" :D

cut for pictures )

if you also play gopets, you can also get items for your pets, both clothes (you can also buy clothes in the GoDance store) and limited edition items like chicken and cow with a tattoo :o

the game is free, but to fully enjoy it there is "premium" which grants all access and such. but the beauty is that you can "try before you buy" so to speak and you can continue using it without paying
though if you become a premium member you get all items and gold shell and lots of extra bonuses and dodgieridoo

you can also use my referral link to signup:

anyway, i tried to not make this sound to much like a sales advert, lol

the final link:
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oh yea, totally baby.
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hi thar! Click my Stupid Meme Eggs!

and feed my ickle bug a berry:

eta: tomorow i will make a proper post about.. stuff. don't panic.
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The Young Ones

I am trés amuse-ed :D
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aaah now all cards are done. and i am feeling better now (arg drama and lady-bits)

good night from me <3
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[ profile] lin, [ profile] mummimamma, [ profile] orchidee & [ profile] soltian, i sure do hope you guys live in the same place you did in '05 :s
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ETA. oh GOD do i want my icons back.

hey guise! remember this one?
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.. you all do realise that right now, at this moment, I am going through all my old posts for December to find old card-poll things to find your adresses / update them in my Mac OS X Adressbook thinger?

a few things. 1) OH MY GODS I WAS A RETARD WHEN I WAS 21

2: I am pathetic for doing this

3. nor am I consitant in my bullet formating

4, this however, is intentional

(5) I am, really really pathetic

6. ???

7 profit!

.. I only do that last part because i've seen others do it, i've never seen the source, only know it comes from pinky and the brain or wallace and gromit or chicken and 2stupid cows or something.
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right you lot


you know the drill. add your address in a post and they're screened on default - though please if you have a question add it separately as me replying to a comment sets it de-screened ë_ë

now onto other things... )
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fuck off, I don't need you!
I don't need anyone anymore

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I didn't know stuff like this really happened in real life. :o

kinda reminds me of this for some reason
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and on behalf of everyone else outside of America; THANK YOU AMERICANS!
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ok Americans, for the good of the whole world, today.

Go Forth, and VOTE
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so. I am sorry for the gone ness and lateness and whatnot. shit happensed.
(shit, the domain was purchased and paid for by mom's credit card, I'll have to fix THAT mess as well)
I've been watching ALOT of cartoons lately. Ed Edd 'n' Eddy - Metalocalypse, Teen Titans, Ben 10, Johnny Test, heck even Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends (I hate bloo, stfu) and I've decided.

I am going to start drawing again. and uploading (somehow impossible as the scanner doesn't wanna play ball with the mac and I STILL NEED A DAMN WINDOWS MACHINE AND OMG.. ok .. ok .. :breathe:..)

and the style is going to be totally different than before. I want to do eyes popping outa sockets, people melting, exaggerated faces. because I am no good at realism, and you can't do bogus not-realism like mine and then have no wacky stuff. it's just boring. I have to dare to be adventurous, to do the stupid forbidden stuff. like outa wack body twist. on purpose.

SO now I've decided to do this totally my way, the way *I* want it.
so it might get scanned in on lined paper, it might get uploaded on graph paper, it might have glaring errors in body and perspection. but I don't care.
I'll just do it upload it and keep drawing, and then I'll even get better - because that's how you get better right? you keep drawing.

and I wont be doing this for nobody by myself.
but you are all invited along for the ride - just don't complain to me when we run out of gas-money :p


Aug. 14th, 2008 02:35 pm
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well, as you can see, in my over eagerness to actually update my stupid account info I managed to be able to fuck up the way my journal looks, no more self created view for me. this pisses me of greatly as I DIDN'T CHANGE THAT I ONLY CHANGED THE GODDAMN TITLE AND SHIT

and because the new payment whatever is WTFERY LIKE WOA I don't understand it. I just want to pay one month worth so I can change back to my old layout and stay that way even if my paid whatever runs out DUCKSHIT.

er fuckshit, but lmao, why not

but it's not like I've given other people lj payments for fun in the past or anything ¬_¬
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Can Has Moar... )


Jul. 11th, 2008 11:53 am
nasasie: (Default) vote for /y/ bitches! comment rickroll

that is all for now.


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