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'allo 'allo, 42, also music, amanita design, androgynism, android, animorphs, astrology, astronomy, bananaphone, be a dude, biology, botanicula, bulbapedia, catball & clowngirl, cats, chemistry, collectables, colours, computing, cybob, danny elfman, dethklok, dibonia, don't be a dick, dr. who, drawing, ed edd 'n eddy, elements, elfquest, emulators, exquisite corpse, femdom, fire, futurama, gaming, geography, geology, ghastly's ghastly comic, glow-in-the-dark, gopets ;(, hello kitty, knutsen & ludvigsen, lego, lol, lol porn, long hair, love, mac os x, machinarium, making up languages, manga, mash-ups, memes, metadata, metalocalypse, mighty boosh, mini-moni., model kits, monkey island, music, music!, musicals, musicbrainz, mythology, nekkidkungfuchickexplosion, nintendo 64, nintendo ds, no hetero, no homo, nobunaga, operation bastardization, orgies, palaeontology, point-and-click adventure games, pokémon, procrastination, python, queen, quotes, random nonsence, red dwarf, revolution, rex rudi, roald dahl, rule 34, rule 36, rule 63, sanitarium, science fiction, science!, scummvm, sixx mixx, slash, snakes, soundtracks, spiders, stamps, strategy-games, sushi, tales of monkey island, tattoos, team rocket, technology, tetris, the glorious glitter revolution, the legend of zelda, the young ones, tim burton, tomato soup, topgear, torchwood, tore hansen, tove jansson, tyranno, venture bros., vinyl, water, we mention music yet?, whitesnake, xena, xenomorphs, yaoi, yo dawg, you can has grammar, zaphod beeblebrox, zoology, π, ,
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