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that is all.

eta. that is oscar. comment, bitches!

yes I am using the "productive" icon for that emote, its called sarcasm :D
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also hi.
in other news [ profile] mayhem_chaos is visiting me on MONDAY so must get ready these days. it will be interesting to finally meet somebody from teh online! o_O
Mr. chaos will also be brining stuff for the macbox thing, also I am evil and asking for even moar stuff aka bonito and mirin.

else..... mom had a... lungebetennelse.. Pneumonia! (I love wiki) and also another Hjerteinfarkt :( last weekend, but on Tuesday she got home again, I was worried, but my mother is strong.

Currently CotM (Collab/Cleanup of the Month) is dwindling again, Bob Marley and or cats is a convoluted problem, I don't know what to do with it. I'm getting bored :(

Luckily user BrianFreud (or 'brainfrø' as I've jokingly dubbed him) really gets his mind into it, unfortunately he's too good at it; he keeps opening further and further cans of hornet's nests when it comes to convoluted(n/m)ess :P

finally I've finally finished my NORWEGIAN TEST(s!) of d00m™ and I can now (probably, hopefully? :s) RELAX

after I "graduate" I will be getting myself a new Tattoo, Goron Strength Symbol (the symbol on it's arm) as a proof of, durrr, strength.
This last 6 months have been HELLISH HECK with capital bold H's. and you know what I mean there.
now I just gotta worry about my apartment being clean for ru, and what to do in summer. (eek?)

Next year's school.. we'll take that when we get to it. I need to savour my wins before I let myself sour of the losses.
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Body Map had no cool finger armour, but I bought two buttons (they where expensive like hell >O) 'addicted to cellulite' (lol) and 'I like Women'.. yes.. I'm gonna wear them both.. (yes, meep)

then we had to see The Man about a loan
bought random jewellery junk at 'Glitter'..
then we went to a place and mom showed me a backpack with SPIDERS on it, she's evil ;__;
(no, I like spiders, she is evil because then I had to have it, and she's had her eye on my old grey one -.-)

but when we where supposed to go out, it was raining (the horror) so I persuaded her to go BACK to the backpack store to buy an umbrella
(little foldupable thing)

we then ate at noodle bar, witch was nifty ^____^
after that, I nagged until I got my way and we got to the record shop, where I bought that new Uriah Heep cd ^_

âfter tath again we took a slight break and then..

off to Ram & Rom

where I discovered...

pokémon ruby AND pokémon sapphire, just sitting there, right infront of me, (I had been to this ram & rom just the other day, and also often)
but noo, hadn't seen it before today!

then the man tells me that they'd had the games fur about 3 months >_<
I am so lame, here I am, pining away waiting for ruby n' sapphire to come, expecting it to be atleast CHRISTMAS before they get their asses out and distribute 'em
and what not?!
they've been here for 3 CODDY MONTHS ALREADY???§!!

damn, I'm dumb -.-.;;;

and THEN to top it of liksom, I see Empire Earth special (low price even) edition so I picked up that and all

mom is crazy, she just took both sapphire and ruby!
I told her I could just pick one, but noo, both it was.. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING! ROFL!

this game is so cool, but now I can delete from hardrive, since it takes up considerably large amount of room, and I already burned it to a cd before..

so we are at home?

and then I, to top it all of, get that CD from you


and you draw such pretty hair Laura! he is so shibby, THANK YOU form the bottom of my hart!

me? bouncy? naaww.. XD


Jan. 31st, 2003 08:51 pm
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[Title goes Here]

this is a work in progress )

::holds Vulcan mind grip:: you... must.... give... c.. and.. c....... my mind to your mind.... your thoughts to my thoughts....

ka honen!?

Jan. 18th, 2003 11:40 pm
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heh.. I'm sure ya'all forgetting I even exist, lol!

really sorry, hugs to all you ^^
ând I am working on random nonsence okay? the drawing muse is just not biting at my art roots..

second, mrr... I'm having second thoughts about my hair ;( <--chicken! look at her! chicken ::slap::
but now I have pictors!
and a new layout!
and... fanart ^^ )

thought I had forgotten about it, didn't you [ profile] tancaliel?

hope this all makes up for not being here ´^_^`
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My 'style' is quick fast lines.. this kinda stuff is killing me, gotta be in a special mood for it to work

yay! )


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