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so. I am sorry for the gone ness and lateness and whatnot. shit happensed.
(shit, the domain was purchased and paid for by mom's credit card, I'll have to fix THAT mess as well)
I've been watching ALOT of cartoons lately. Ed Edd 'n' Eddy - Metalocalypse, Teen Titans, Ben 10, Johnny Test, heck even Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends (I hate bloo, stfu) and I've decided.

I am going to start drawing again. and uploading (somehow impossible as the scanner doesn't wanna play ball with the mac and I STILL NEED A DAMN WINDOWS MACHINE AND OMG.. ok .. ok .. :breathe:..)

and the style is going to be totally different than before. I want to do eyes popping outa sockets, people melting, exaggerated faces. because I am no good at realism, and you can't do bogus not-realism like mine and then have no wacky stuff. it's just boring. I have to dare to be adventurous, to do the stupid forbidden stuff. like outa wack body twist. on purpose.

SO now I've decided to do this totally my way, the way *I* want it.
so it might get scanned in on lined paper, it might get uploaded on graph paper, it might have glaring errors in body and perspection. but I don't care.
I'll just do it upload it and keep drawing, and then I'll even get better - because that's how you get better right? you keep drawing.

and I wont be doing this for nobody by myself.
but you are all invited along for the ride - just don't complain to me when we run out of gas-money :p


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