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ok Americans, for the good of the whole world, today.

Go Forth, and VOTE
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[ profile] apiphile!!!! WTF?!

omg, del, you, guy, i uhgaba.. uh. brba.. i.. I'm buying you, a pizza!
(she sent me a DVD with HEDWIG & ANGRY INCH, no seriously)

aaaaaaand kunowarp is sending me DETHKLOK double CD.. wtf guys.. what have I done to deserve friends like these?
you're all awesome.. :sniff:
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lol, I think I am a little bit drunk. this feels silly

Toki is awesome

I figured out why I like him so much, not just because he's all hyper and kiddie and NORWEGIAN zomng, his whiskers make him look like a cat. yepp.

need cat icon.

being drunkish is making me hyperfokus on what I am doing so I am making less typing mistakes.. uh, weird.

should I admit that I cut toki-whiskers outa my own hair and am now wearing said whiskers? probably not. lol! can blame it on the booze even if I decided to do it long before I finished said unmentioned bottle of toffee vodka. /me rolls.
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you know. I am starting to be embarrassed by the things I start liking.
noone knows and noone cares. I cant share them

I try linking and posting and pointing
noone ever comments or seem interested in what I am interested in.
its not like anyone tries to make an effort.
I mean I cant start forcing people to pay attention to my little obsessions, can I?

before I always could have her, her to show it and to get some sort of feedback from, is this ok? good? bad? lame?
I really don't know what to do when I don't have this.

I mean. how can I only rely on my *own* opinion about stuff to know if I like it or not.

no really that's what I am feeling

which makes no sense ofcourse (see me roll my eyes in sarcastical ways) what the brain knows to be lame doesn't stop the heart from feeling it


but I am alone.

i can't even intentionally messings my words like Toki and Skwisgaar to be funnies, because nobody gettings the joke and just thinks it me being awful spellings again.


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