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right you lot


you know the drill. add your address in a post and they're screened on default - though please if you have a question add it separately as me replying to a comment sets it de-screened ë_ë

now onto other things... )
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plz be to put your address w/ as much personal info you feel secure with giving me, I'm updating my adressbook (since probably half of you have moved/changed your name lost interest in me) by now. ktnx

all comments are screened.
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yup, its that time of the time again, enter your address and I'll send ya a Norwegian christmas-card
cant promise the same extravaganza as I did last time tough. because that nearly broke the bank,. you'll be getting a proper boring cardbox-paper card with pictures of nisser and possibly glitter.

as always use the sign | as a line break distinguisher, a note tough,
as it was a problem last year. please put your name in it to, most of the time I only know people by their screen name anyways (well that's not completely true. I actually remember most peoples first and lastnames now, its a miracle)
but some people want special treatment. so I'll give them special treatment :)
put in your preferred name to

[Poll #394611]


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my birthday is on the 9th of December and there is always crissmass

several categories, so here we go:

there are first the free ones, they cost nothing, (but might require some kind of effort ;)

* virtual b-day cards; send them to nasasie[@]
* neopets virtual cards; almost the same thing, but hey..
* fanart/fanfic; I like slashy, smutty, sexy and pretty, preffably all those ;p
themes of that include:

BmB: any Tybalt/Cyanide, Mik/Cya, cybob, seme!Skids/Cy, Fox&Collin-goodness three(and more)somes are goood

Naruto: JIRAIYA! KakaNauro, SasuNauro, KakaGai, HakuZabu, NeijLee, SakuLee, ShikaNauro, ShikaCho, InoShika, InoSaku, GaraaLee, orchikabu, threesomes (huhuhuhu) and very many, many, many other things

LINK, as in Link from Legend of Zelda Link, sessy, sessy bitch ;)

RN: hey, a guy can dream right? ;) mostly any pairing here, if you are obscure enough to know what RN is, you know what I like (for those of you playing at home the clue is : "surprise me")

basically, most smut is fine.
Nasasie is a pervert after all.

CG'd versions of my old crapptasticums, go to deviantart or or index of miscpix to find b/w crap ink versions (this will make me your love-slave)

REFERENCE pictures, for poses and reference pictures for how cloth folds, please

* commenting to my "it's my birthday today" post. yes, pathetic, I know, but it'd really make me *that* happy

second there are paid for ones; these cost money

* real birthday-cards, as in paper, with (readable) ink and stamps :p

* Lee-plush, Naruto-plush, (Jiraiya-anything)
* Gai-figurine (huhuhuhu)

* Jello, KoolAid, Twinkies, Lucky-Charms/Trix/any fun colourful cereal
* and basically any obscure but delicious candy/food stuffs
* surprise me!
* I love them candy-canes!
* Miso-ramen, anyone?
* Naruto fish-cake, I want, what it taste like?
* socks, I want long socks that go over my knee, striped, coloured, etcetera, you know the type :p

(more of a question than a request, really) * is there anyway to get an USB-extension cord? like, if I want to change between my scanner, camera, (new?) tablet?

and then there be internett doodads:
* paid months of lj, can be 2 months, 6 months or even 12 months *gasp!* ;)
* More User icons!
* SmartFTP licensing key

well, it doesn't actually cost money, but nevertheless:
* Neopets doodads:
I collect Stamps, Rainbow items, Sand/Bottle items, Jelly (new) items, gurplepreen (jhudora) and I wantz a baby buzzz (this means baby pbrush)
any donations to said list will be muchly appreciated
my NAME is Nasasie contact me trough it.
thank you

finally, the much avated address poll!
I already have [ profile] ciaan's, [ profile] dutchbuffy's, [ profile] lyskatt's (XD), painisprettypainisprettie's, [ profile] silver_fishes, [ profile] soltian's (is it still the same?) and [ profile] tancaliel's addy, if you are not them, please add yourself ^__^

[Poll #215111]

so, referentially, my wish list can be summed up in these exclamations:



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