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I'm going to trick them, I'm going to trick them good, no one will be as tricked as them will be..

I need this and this and this, ahh! this is going to be swell

no one will suspect a thing!
it's fool proof!

well.. they do say that if you create something fool proof, a greater fool will be created, but they wont have time to do that.
oh no.. this is gonna be swell!

ketchup! and shiny! heheee.. that stupid lady thought I was lost or something, excuse me? I've been here longer than you, I think I know my way around

now I need tape so I can tape the firecracker to the ketchup and add some kitchenroll under it so it doesn't hurt..

right.. all I need to do now is give georgi The Gun.


you better not Screw this up georgi!
stupid kid, but the only one that wouldn't go straight to 'the authorities' with The Gun

can't believe I found it in that dust bin, emptied out all those shiny bullets, will have to find something else for them...

getting the blanks was a different matter, tough, eventually had to break henrys arm in order to make him go into the Hunt and Rifle store to "ask for blanks 'cuz him and dad was gong hunting and dad didn't want him to shoot with real bullets"

amazing acting talent in that boy... or maybe it just was the pain in his arm >D

on my mark, geogi.. not when tobias sticks lego up his nose to impress the girls.. not when whatsherface tells mona for the sixth time today that 'no, the icecream-man wasn't eaten by rabid mutant vaffle-chees'
NOT when that Guy is anywhere near, as his Male-Hero Genetics™ will insure that he will remove georgi from The Gun before it even gets fired...

right.. on my mark...

wait for it...



Letter to mrs. and mr. Tyranno's parents:

Your daughter was not harmed in anyway in the accident, we are still trying to find out where Georgi found the gun, it is believed that a group of kids found the gun in a dust bin when we where on a trip in the local Area park

Luckily the gun was only loaded with blanks, and it has already been confiscated from the kids and delivered to uncle police, the police also had a chat to the kids abut the dangers of firearms and how important there is to report anything suspicious you might find in dust bins to adults.

It has been quite the week for you, first your youngest son breaks his arm falling down the stairs, and now this,
safeless to say, we hope Tyranno will recover quick enough from her ordeal to join us again

your sincerely, ms. Bertsöm, Sunnywilla-Kindergarten


Mar. 18th, 2003 01:00 pm
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I made more dollies!!
whoot! I'm sure ya'll dying to see them ;p

there are lj cuts for a /reason/ )


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