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ja jøss, comment rickroll

I am being ignored in #musicbrainz now, bah. still sick, meh.

that's it really.

Scarborough Fair is a pretty song

oh wow!

Jul. 3rd, 2008 08:39 pm
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wow! today was eventful!

I decided to go out and too some beach-type place even though I am still ill, yes I ventured there, pfhair me oh u'holey virii, pfair me. (etc. stupiditi)

nice taxi-cab man was NOT irritated, even after I changed my mind 3 times (seriously, I had half a mind thaught "fuck it, lets go home and to the toilet") but I prevailed, I even asked him if he knew of any useful beach-type place, and he said "really there is only Huk."

.. you see where this is heading to too right?

ho, yesh, I went to Huk (and fauxfaux, I saw PONIES while driving there, but I am MADE OF FAIL and didn't bring my camera, oh hum.)

the only thing i know of Huk that I can remember is maybe my mother saying "det blåser så mye på huk" and true, it was windy there, but it was still awesome. I had *so* much fun! if I am not deathly ill and sick and have scurvy or worse tomorrow, I will go back, oh you bett your bottom booty toucans I will.

some small irritations, random dude playing the "getting up in your personal space so you'll move out of discomfort because I want your space" game with me - and succeeded, i don't have the nerves for that shit, not cool dude. as I told him repeatedly, but alas, it was on a stone porch, and I found a much better place - on soft sand next to old woman who just sat in her sunstool tanning and some girls chatting a few, uh meters away, noone got up in my face.
except at the end some guy who, uh i assume attempted fail flirtation with me, but I couldn't be sure as i had water in my ears after ACTUALLY SWIMMING OMG.
was a bit weird because I had just before been tanning myself with tits up (and bare) but I had turned around before I even noticed him, so I don't know if he was being genuinely interested in befriending someone (and being fail social (much like myself) in offering me grapes, heh) or being uh, weird.

but the best part(s) comes at the end. after throughoutly soaking myself and finally deciding to go home (having made an accidental slide in mud so had to go rinse of that as well as the salt (dildos) I spotted suddenly guys carrying box amounts of IRN BRU bottles, it took a while for to register in my brain so they had already waked past me somewhat before i managed to kick said brain into action to shout after them to ask how much they wanted for one bottle (because seriously, they had a whole carton full - surly they could spare me *one*) (because I had drunk up the one I had brought with me) and they, said, it was FREE, an I could go after ones in the *other* carton by the trashcan, so I did, took two, one to drink and one 'cause I'm greedy and I love this shit and it costs 14,90.
Other people looked curious and I (hoping I hadn't misunderstood and was doing something wrong in saying so) said "it was free, those dudes said it's gratis"
turns out I was right, I meet not only one, but two other dudes/people giving away bottles of IRN BRU to everyone coming past, I scored two bottles of each (so yes I now have 6 free bottles of IRN BRU, I deserve it because i already have bought 12 atleast since they where released here in middle june or so.) that's what I tell myself anyway, also I told each guy I already got form the previous guy, but can I still get one extra plz ktnx because I love this shit and thank you, and they where are all just happy, so yea.

so, to finish it of, I take, the, buss, all, by, myself, ALONE.
(no this is really an issue as I haven't taken regular in-route busses with multiple destinations and stopplaces and what have you, alone before, seriously last time I was on one of those was atleast 7 years ago. I kid you not) (flightbussexpresses and London-busses does NOT count, also I wasn't alone on London busses.)

and it worked admirably, while I could still hear everybody's jatter, it was through Dark Side of the Moon (all hail Pink Plonk, srsly) I had a rather blissfull ride.

I feel victorious.

(and hopefully I haven't for-worsened my stomach condition.. to much :s)
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omg. never guess what I did today. I. Cut. My. Hair.

:O )

in other news, I've been feeling groggy the last 3 days, serious icky bug of doom. hopefully i'm on the rebound now as I feel little better.

been watching Cartoon Network for 3 days. oh hum.


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