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To those who have been paying attention to my rants here and on irc (or aim)
it comes as no surprise that my school history is a dready branch of loopholes.
But I have finally, in the last few years, gotten some proper school done - ironically as an adult, I finished my plain grain "prime-school" (grunnskole) education. (mostly A's ad B's I'll have you know! (more about that in a later post) ..)

My first 2 years of Mathematics and one year of Nature & Science was at Smestua, then first year of English and the first module of advanced ("High-School") mathematics, was at Sinsen, and finally Norwegian ("english" equiv.) & Society-science (Sammfunnsfag) at Skullerud (this is a horrid name, when pronounced it is rather similar to "skulle du?" which means "were you going to (do something)" but said in a sarcastic, sardonic, conceding tone "did you think are you were going to do something constructive? I think not, hah")

Time is an issue for me, the further away, the earlier I have to get up and out of the door, or more likely I am not getting ready on time (B-Person, hi)

here is (for further self-reference if nothing else) a comparative list

My initial road to Smestua,

a long trip true, but I quite enjoyed my stay there, as well as travelling with my mum and having the same driver each day.

Smestua was put down after 3 years and students transferred to Sinsen.

to Sinsen, as you can see, is a much shorter route, as well as it being an exam-oriented almost "university"-esque school, it marked a difference from travelling with my mum and having not the same driver, sometimes having to wait in excess of over 15 minutes was a strain, sometimes I would not be home before 19:00.
Still, I learned much that year, despite being again down-prioritised in that I, unlike EVERYBODY ELSE did not get to go to a class, I only was allowed lections (forelesninger)
This, being higher-level mathematics, (and therefore Much Harder TM) combined with my assistant being pregnant AGAIN, made it rather hard for me, for the first time in my life, school was going too fast, it was hard to keep up!
i managed a B though.
Although only getting a C in Written English, (another entry I shall write of this, as well, as my english teacher, obviously didn't know what the freak was going on) I did get an A in Verbal (Hah!)
I was hoping to get accepted to Sinsen the following semester, but I wasn't.
I was shifted over to a place called Skullerud (which is also where I had had the two Math Tests I took for the previous semester)

a disappointment in many ways..

Skullerud, the latest school, is a school designed more for people with serious issues. Head injury accidents that need time re-learning the basics, or heavy autists / development issues. it is much further away and is filled with.. bad memories and the feeling of being patronised as an individual.
My mothers legs where going, she came with me the first day, in a wheelchair, we made the agrement that she'd do this one thing for me, before the leg would come off... *sigh*

you know the rest of that story.

This semester (2007-2008 school semester) Sinsen completely rejected my admission, with a note detailing in which preference order people where given admission - my cause (having a holey education brought about by incompetent teachers and my own jaded and unwillingness to learn & conform, (as school is a right and a duty in this country) I still have this right)
and this right was the number one bullet on this list. So I am rejected, yes... uh.. ? (confusing, yes I know)

I fear I will only be submitted to an even further away school, or relocated to somewhere even *less* suited to my needs than Skullerud, because I apparently am not Worthy TM of Sinsen, or some bullshit like that, I dunno, maybe they think that since I stopped complaining this semester they've won or something (seriously, it's a blemish on their record that they weren't capable of teaching me and helping me then. I was a kid, a very annoying and disruptive kid, but a kid nonetheless, not my fault.)

But that was my mother DYING, if they think I am going to stop fighting or that I'm "broken" by society or some shit like that they've got another thing coming, seriously.

You can't break me! I've survived the Ultimate Pain TM
, she's dead! It's not like your puny little edumucation vehicle of d00m can trumph that.
I've been spat on, sat on, shit on, and humiliated by the Skoleetat since I was 7 (even before I started the smegging place.)

heh, this shit is so on.

where is my lawyer?


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