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The Young Ones

I am trés amuse-ed :D
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aaah now all cards are done. and i am feeling better now (arg drama and lady-bits)

good night from me <3
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a couple of "pfunny" images I thought I'd share:

and ¹

(last one was made with

¹ I apologise for the use of tinyurl, but the whole url ruins the joke, somewhat.
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because I am so awesomely cool I have made ASCII type porn art:

yes it is a mermaid, and no I do realize its utter crap

quite. ok, I have finished my christmas cards, they will be going out on monday.
and at a total sum of nine cards, not bad after all that messyness with absent computers and what not

finally I have sent to all people in my poll pluss dilla, and as well ciaan and catbell, because I have your addresses infront of me and I figured you wanted cards even if you didn't say so

and [ profile] mummimamma, yes I already had your adress, since I fix-a-trix-mix with computers at school so I could write it down from the lj entry you made it in.
however it doesn't help [insert the right word here] to be repeditative around nasasie, I was especially amused by your comment on 'Regnbyen' almost wrote that instead. Almost

amikatanaamikatt, yes I already knew to ;)


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