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Aug. 14th, 2008 02:35 pm
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well, as you can see, in my over eagerness to actually update my stupid account info I managed to be able to fuck up the way my journal looks, no more self created view for me. this pisses me of greatly as I DIDN'T CHANGE THAT I ONLY CHANGED THE GODDAMN TITLE AND SHIT

and because the new payment whatever is WTFERY LIKE WOA I don't understand it. I just want to pay one month worth so I can change back to my old layout and stay that way even if my paid whatever runs out DUCKSHIT.

er fuckshit, but lmao, why not

but it's not like I've given other people lj payments for fun in the past or anything ¬_¬
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well, the "nu" Series of The Bionic Woman is made of epic phailing dildos.

seriously, could they make it any more fail?
From the ridiculous set-up of the so called plot to what apparently passes for a soundtrack these days, they managed to absolutely completely totally epically FAIL at doing anything interesting or memorable.

From the casting of "Jamie Summers" (a brunette, whot?) to the irritational new plot aspects, (the "other" Bionic woman, whot?)
Lack of build-up, lack of getting to know the characters. Lack of sympathetical features in said characters.
(the dealy about the computer, whot?!)

There is simply no personality in it, not in the persons, not in the plot, not in the visuals, not in the audials, not even in the Special Effects! Remember the Original's special effects? They where hilariously laughably bad, because all they were, was everything like usual, except in slow-mo with that SOUND (<3 that sound :D)

oh, I know they couldn't have made a carbon copy of the original, that would suck, and be pointless, Because the original had it all - interesting characters, charm, quirky humour. yea.
The humour, which is what made the ridiculousness of the whole "Bionic" schlick not seem contrite and lame. It's gone

Cheer up emo series, life has lulz, NOTHING is any good if it takes itself too seriously.

Even zomg "we is serious bizness" series like LOST and Jerico managed that, there were points of humour and quirkiness - the hippie buss and Hurley anyone?

in short. PHAIL.


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