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that is all.

eta. that is oscar. comment, bitches!

yes I am using the "productive" icon for that emote, its called sarcasm :D
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I am a nice person and not attention hoggy at alll yea right ë_ë )

for comparison: devart


Jul. 3rd, 2004 09:38 pm
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click for attention )

that's it...

see now, that wasn't so bad?
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A moment of -- pleading

I know many of you that read el lovejournal of mine here (aparently as in, read, but not commenting :P)
have NEOPETS accounts.. and as such you probably get sic of beauty contest et alle, but I have before you today my Jewelette_Of_Jewels and I would be really happy if you could find it in your bare time to vote for her, as I made the picture all by my self

pictures are just to small )

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this indeed, Oz and T
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I drew smut, Henry to be exact.. heis.. erh.. not doing.. anything.. in perticular


cut for as smutty as it gets )
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just a sketch I made the other day.. jush

lookit )
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also, take a look at this )
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one of these days I'm gong to actually keep the promises I make

... )


Apr. 24th, 2003 10:34 pm
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dont click unless you want to see ass, dick and extremely uke henry )
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cut because I'm a pritty pritty princess /obscure comic reference )
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mucho promised updaterness

first well start of with alitlle original character ness )
then some fanart )
and this is a face thing I made )

Tommorrow I will make the GIP


Mar. 18th, 2003 01:00 pm
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I made more dollies!!
whoot! I'm sure ya'll dying to see them ;p

there are lj cuts for a /reason/ )
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I am so EEEEVIILL!!!

slashy smut

het smut :x

eehee ^^

dont click me unless you lookited the links first^^ )

ka honen!?

Jan. 18th, 2003 11:40 pm
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heh.. I'm sure ya'all forgetting I even exist, lol!

really sorry, hugs to all you ^^
ând I am working on random nonsence okay? the drawing muse is just not biting at my art roots..

second, mrr... I'm having second thoughts about my hair ;( <--chicken! look at her! chicken ::slap::
but now I have pictors!
and a new layout!
and... fanart ^^ )

thought I had forgotten about it, didn't you [ profile] tancaliel?

hope this all makes up for not being here ´^_^`
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My 'style' is quick fast lines.. this kinda stuff is killing me, gotta be in a special mood for it to work

yay! )
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because I'm sure you all care: imadethislike2secsago.html


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